Laugh & Grow Bible for Kids

By Phil Vischer

My greatest desire in life is for my children to know and love God and dedicate their life to Him.

As a mom of five, I understand the uniqueness of every child and the different ways each child learns, relates, interacts, and communicates. What one child gravitates towards and connects with is often something completely different than their sibling. Not to mention the diversity of interests and activities per their age and stage of life – there is exactly ten years between my oldest and youngest children! 

These are some of the reasons why I am always searching for quality Christian content. Whether it be books, music, movies, or other entertainment and programming, I want my children to be both interested in and captivated by the marvelousness and sovereignty of God!

When I learned of the new Laugh & Grow Bible for Kids, written by Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales, I instantly thought of my younger children and their appreciation of those vividly beloved vegetable characters. I wondered, What sets this Bible apart from the many other children’s Bibles that currently reside on my family’s book shelves?

The Laugh & Grow Bible for Kids, geared at children aged 4-8 years old, focuses on 52 classic bible stories (recommended for families to study one story for every week of the year) and is organized into five different sections (The Pentateuch, Historical Books, Writings and Prophets, The Gospels, and Acts, Letters and Revelation). Each story in the Laugh & Grow Bible for Kids is retold in a way that supports retainment as well as relatability all the while addressing commonly asked questions such as, “What is sin?” and “What is the Trinity?” 

Additionally, each story is familiarly illustrated to coincide with the Minno brand (similar to the graphics you’d see in VeggieTales), takes about five minutes for a family to read, and includes a family connection section to encourage families to pursue further Bible study and application. As well, the are colorful maps and charts displayed make God’s Word come alive to those who may be discovering Jesus or understanding the Bible for the first time. There is also bonus content that connects the dots of each biblical narrative to the bigger picture of God’s plan (Jesus) for humanity and all of creation. 

The Laugh & Grow Bible for Kids makes Jesus known as it directs the reader back to God and into a relationship with Him. To learn more about the Laugh & Grow Bible for Kids and to purchase a copy, currently at a discounted price(!), click here! 

And for a limited time, those buying a copy of the Laugh & Grow Bible for Kids will receive 2 FREE MONTHS of Minno Kids video streaming service! 

With all of the questionable content currently out there for children to watch, Minno offers a faith-based alternative and includes popular television shows like BozOwlegories, and VeggieTales as well as Minno Church at Home and Minno 5 Minute Family Devotionals. Click here to learn more about the Minno streaming platform!

*I received this opportunity from FrontGate Media in exchange for promotion and my honest review

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