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I am an introvert. If you physically do life with me, you are probably thinking, “What? Nah.” Seriously, though. My personality type is extremely introverted and it has held me back from my true potential. I spent a good thirty years of my life being plagued by my introvertedness (Is that a word? It should […]

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Daughter. Child. Christen. These were the first names given to me when I entered this world. A few years later, “sister” and “friend” were added. In adolescence, emotional names were piled onto the growing list comprising my identity. Shy. Awkward. Boney. Ultimately those names became intimidated, loser and anorexic. Those names eventually mutated and formed […]

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For the first 31 years of my life, I felt like I was wearing a mask. For 31 long and exhausting years, I attempted to hide who I really am. I tried to be someone I am not and I pretended to be someone else. With each layer of disguise and deception that I piled […]

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