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Pray Big Things: The Surprising Life God Has For You When You’re Bold Enough To Ask  By Julia Jeffress Sadler There is so much pain, tragedy, and confusion in our world. Life would seem to be hopeless and without purpose if there was no Creator behind the world we call “home.” But, even in the […]

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It’s an unsettling feeling, when you feel God calling you out of your comfort zone so He can wrap you in the comfort of His love and protection. In the pit of your stomach you know what you’re feeling is from God, it has to be, especially when what you’re experiencing is something you never […]

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A new decade, a fresh start. Hope. Opportunity. Promise. Anything is possible when you fearlessly hand over your intentions and restrictions and instead trust in the Lord’s purposes for your life. I sense the winds of change looming near and with them brings new life and new light into what is sullen or dimmed out. […]


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