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Chips and salsa are good. Chips and guacamole are better. In my opinion, though, chips and queso are the superior snack and appetizer choice.  The problem, though, is that not all queso dips are created alike. Some are bland, some are watery, and some are darn right artificial (I’m looking at you, Velvetta!). The quest […]

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I’ll never forget my first encounter with spinach. It was at TGIFridays. The item was Spinach & Artichoke Dip. It was love at first bite and the appetizer changed my entire view on the dark, leafy, green vegetable. This recipe is my own take on the beloved dip and is a recipe I’ve spent over […]

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Growing up as a Mexican-American girl in the 90s, one of my fondest memories is eating guacamole and none of my peers (or even my parents’ friends!) knowing what it was. In fact, I recall numerous times when friends would come over for dinner and my dad would make his famous wet burritos or homemade […]


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