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As followers of Christ, we know we are to love our neighbors like we love our self (Matthew 22:39), but this is easier said than done. Especially in a nation with polarizing opinions, beliefs and values, hate is typically the response of choice even though love and acceptance are desired by most.  It’s challenging, I […]

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Body shaming. Yeah, it’s a thing. Whether we do it to ourselves or to others, mentally or verbally, I believe it is something each broken individual is guilty of. The world has tainted our vision in more ways than one while filtering the standards of what a body should look like, act like, perform like, […]

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Sometimes it’s loud and obvious. Sometimes it’s quiet and sneaky. Sometimes it happens without us even realizing it. And sometimes it catches us off guard until we are knocked down and staring at it straight in the face. It is persistent. Cruel. Ruthless. Like waves that keep coming and going, crashing and thrashing. It is […]


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