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As a foodie, one of my favorite things about the summer months is preparing meals with the freshest fare found at my local farmer’s market or grown from my daughter’s garden. In my opinion, there is no better way to savor the flavors of the season than by eating food that makes me feel as […]

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This salad is a healthy side dish to bring to any gathering but can also be made into an entrée when adding grilled chicken, cooked chickpeas, or seasoned tofu (try drizzling your protein of choice with balsamic reduction, too!*). I personally look forward to eating this salad alongside a picnic dinner while attending outdoor concerts […]

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Spring may be in full swing but where I live in West Michigan the chilly temps are bound to linger for a few more weeks. Whether or not your home is located in a warm climate, this soup is full of yummy, healthy comfort that is sure to warm both your heart and your home. […]

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Pico de gallo is a staple at our house. It is basically a fresh and chunky salsa that is often used as a side dish or as a topping in Mexican cuisine. In my house, we put pico on soups, burritos, tacos, homemade queso, and more, as well as eat it alongside chips and guacamole. […]


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