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It was a rare February occurrence in Michigan, a nearly 50-degree weather day. Snow was melting, sun was shining, people were walking, and for the first time of the year, green grass made its appearance. All of it was a welcomed glimpse of what is possible for those who weather the dark, cold, and bitterness […]

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There are some things in life you just can’t explain or wrap your head around.  Like, medical miracles.  Or intuition protecting from you from harmful people or dangerous situations.  Relationships being restored.  Scattered bits of brokenness getting pieced back together.  Redeeming love healing or transforming human hearts.  Words that cloud a rational mind yet also […]

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For the first 31 years of my life, I felt like I was wearing a mask. For 31 long and exhausting years, I attempted to hide who I really am. I tried to be someone I am not and I pretended to be someone else. With each layer of disguise and deception that I piled […]

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Wow. I can’t believe we made it…to the end of 2020. 2020 was deemed my year to seek boldness. I had no idea what that meant a year ago, but I trusted God would lead the way. And He did…in true God-fashion. What I thought would be a year of bold opportunities ended up being […]


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