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I first came across Allie Beth Stuckey when she was a guest on The Candance Owens Show podcast. At the time, I had no prior knowledge of who she was or what she did. Upon hearing her interview with Candace Owens, I had a few opinions… 

  1. She is quite opinionated
  2. She knows her stuff (specifically, current culture and the Bible)

The episode [of The Candace Owens Show] she was featured on addressed a lot of topics, but one had me a bit fired up – public schools and teacher’s unions. Stuckey was completely against them and didn’t go into specific detail about her reasoning because that topic was just a sliver of what she and Candace discussed. To be completely honest with you, I felt judged and offended by Stuckey’s hatred for the public school system. My husband could tell I was bothered by something, so I told him about “the girl” I had just listened to. As it turned out, he agreed with her. 


My husband, who attended public school as a child (I attended private school) and who supports our five children attending our local public school, agreed with this young girl who was anti-public school?

This intrigued me and I wanted to know why. Why is this girl against the public school system, how is she so well-informed and eloquently spoken on the biggest issues that plague this country, and goodness gracious, where did she get her biblical training and fierce confidence? 

Naturally, this led me to her podcast, Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey

Friends, I was hooked after finishing my first episode of Relatable! I felt convicted, challenged, and convinced that I am not alone in this spiritual battle of life. She encouraged me and inspired me in a very real and transparent way.  In essence, her show is relatable.

It’s been nearly a year since I discovered Relatable and I have not missed one episode. I have learned so much about culture and current events from someone whom I relate to politically, theologically, socially/relationally (she is young mother) and generationally (she is a millennial). 

Stuckey is an outspoken and unapologetic conservative, gospel-centered, follower of Jesus Christ who dedicates each episode towards analyzing culture, news and politics from a biblical perspective. She is not afraid to tackle hard topics, ask tough questions and is confident venturing into uncomfortable places. And she does, on every single episode. 

Relatable is not a warm and fuzzy, feel good type of podcast. It is not sugary-sweet, glossing over the blemishes of life with pretty filters and fillers nor is it “just another Christian women’s podcast” contributing watered-down teaching without much substance. 

Instead, Stuckey provides commentary on all things politically-charged (which is most of what we experience today), in-depth interviews with scholars, pastors, professors, activists, politicians, and other influencers who are doing good, albeit bold and sometimes messy, work. I should also mention that while she clearly stands on the right side of the aisle, she does not discriminate against opposing ideologies and consistently welcomes guests onto her show who may not agree with her viewpoint or beliefs. She is the definition of being openminded and inviting without sacrificing her faith, ethics or morals for the sake of being liked or accepted by a culture that promotes hate, exclusion and cancellation. 

Stuckey speaks quite fast and packs in a lot of information in her (nearly) hour-long show. However, she does a fantastic job of linking supporting articles under her “show notes” as well as including resources for further research. Regularly, she gives a disclaimer that she is not the source of truth but rather points absolute Truth back to the Holy God of the Bible while directing all of her news information to a variety of sources (including Huffington Post, The Daily Wire, The Blaze, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, and more). 

Relatable is a fantastic podcast to subscribe to and one that I am personally grateful for. Stuckey is humble, compassionate, honest, and brave while offering practical ways to live a counter-cultural, Christ-focused life. She is actively using the gifts, talents and voice God has given her to positively impact His Kingdom. She is the real deal and I am proud to stand next to her as a fellow conservative American and sister-in-Christ.

You can find Relatable on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, iHeart Radio, and BlazeTV. 

To learn more about Allie Beth Stuckey and her book You’re Not Enough (and That’s Okay): Escaping the Toxic Culture of Self-Love, check out

The Short List

Audience: Conservative Christian Women 

What to Expect: Honest truth [about culture and current events] rooted in biblical Truth

Episode Run Time: 50-60 minutes (average)

Episode Release: Four times weekly 

*Prior to reviewing any podcast, I commit to listening to a minimum of 3 full episodes.

**The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own. 

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