Parents Rising: 8 Strategies for raising kids who love God, respect authority, & value what is right

By Arlene Pellicane

Let me start by saying, if you’ve never read anything written by Arlene Pellicane then you are definitely missing out! She writes with a voice similar to a mix of a wise older sister and a down-to-earth Bible study gal pal. Each of her published works is both relatable and biblically-sound while also being authentically successful in tracking and tackling culture’s impact on the home life of today’s generation. Her latest release, Parents Rising: 8 Strategies for raising kids who love God, respect authority, & value what is right, is no different.

I recently had the privilege of being a part of Arlene’s launch team for her newest parenting book, Parents Rising. I couldn’t wait for this book to arrive and was honored that I was able to “preview” it before it was released to the public. The tagline alone had me intrigued but the foreword by Gary Chapman made me inspired and hungry for more.

Similar in format to Arlene’s other books, Parents Rising offers 8 strategies to encourage parents to rise to their role of authority in raising modern children into independent and respectable adults who can impact the future of God’s Kingdom.

The 8 strategies cover:
  • Removing amusement as the number one priority
  • Parents calling the shots
  • Establishing routine and boundaries to provide security
  • Utilizing and applying the Bible along with intentional prayer every day
  • Placing marriage in the front seat so the kids can ride in the back
  • Providing opportunities for healthy family mealtime
  • Loving your children through the importance of time and purpose
  • Launching adults rather than babying children

Arlene beautifully weaves scripture along with her 8 parenting strategies to leave you feeling encouraged, prepared and on-fire to rise to the challenge of not conforming to the parenting patterns of today’s culture.

“We’ve just got to look in the right place for help – not down to our phones for life’s answers or backward to past mistakes, but up to God, the Source of Wisdom.” 

Arlene Pellicane, Parents Rising

I sincerely enjoyed this book and learned a lot of Godly wisdom I plan to adapt within my home. I highly recommend all parents read this book but especially those who intend to raise children in a faith-based, Biblically-led home. Parents Rising won’t prevent any roadblocks or detours from occurring in your journey of parenting your child(ren). However, it will serve a great benefit in redirecting the path your family is on while promoting intentionality in living out core family values in an era of “anything goes” as long as you “honor your selfie.”

Don’t allow your family to slump to the YOLO mentality. Rather, rise to the occasion to make a difference in training up a child to do the Kingdom work assigned to them.

*I received this book from the publisher in exchange for promotion and my honest review

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