Holy Guacamole: A Glorious Discovery of Your Undeniable Worth

By Carrie Stephens

“Who am I?”

It’s a question most people have asked themselves at least once in their life. It’s a question made up of three small, simple words that weigh heavy on a person’s heart.

It’s a question most people don’t know the answer to because it confronts our biggest fears with the reality of everything we’ve ever said, thought or done. These three words linger in our mind and stare at us each time we look in the mirror. It’s the meaning of life compacted and dumbed down, revealing everything we think we know along with all of the things we never will.

But deep down, we all want to know the answer to this question. We all desire to know who we are and why we are here. The problem is, some of us aren’t ready to know the answer and those who think they know the answer will never completely know or understand the intent and complexity of their existence.

Still, one thing is for sure – each human being was created on purpose for a purpose. There are no accidents and no mistakes. There is no hiding who you are when you are fully seen, heard and known by the One who made you.

You, like me, are more than just a side dish hanging out and waiting for the main course to arrive. You are fearfully and wonderfully made to be the “extra” special someone God said the world could not do without. God takes what is good and turns it into something great. You are like the guacamole on top of a burrito – you add depth, flavor, color and interest. Without the addition of you, the “meal” would not be complete.

This theme of identity, purpose and worth is one I personally struggle with and regularly seek wisdom, guidance and prayer for. I’ve sought many resources in my pursuit of understanding the inner-workings of God’s intention for my life and many have been helpful. However, when it comes to clearing my mind and cleaning my heart to make space for my Maker, the most recent book I read takes the cake. Or should I say, guacamole.

Holy Guacamole: A Glorious Discovery of Your Undeniable Worth by Carrie Stephens is an uh-amazing read that inspires and uplifts while literally making you LOL. It is packed with purpose, very much like how you and I were created, while also unpacking some powerful truths about God’s unchanging, unfailing and never-ending love for His unique creation.

Author Carrie Stephens writes as if she is your BFF sitting across the table with you as you share some delectable table side guacamole. In her unique voice, Stephens reminds the reader of just how special they are while making the reader laugh, smile and feel comfortable in their own skin. Stephens does a fantastic job at sharing her own flaws and weaknesses but always directs the reader back to God and the validity of His word. She delivers humor, realness, vulnerability and accountability through each chapter and honestly, it is so addicting it will leave you wanting more.

Confession: I had read the reviews of this book prior to reading it and all were so positive that I made to see what Holy Guacamole was all about. Friends, it did not disappoint! I just could not get enough of this book! I especially enjoyed her footnote commentary that opened a window into the mind of what the author was thinking, feeling and experiencing – the anecdotes were both entertaining and relatable while also serving as practical, real-life support of the biblical truth applied throughout. Holy Guacamole is an easy read but never steers away from its intent on reaffirming the reader is an intentional part of God’s design. Themes in this book tackle identity, cynicism, perfectionism, comparison, doubt, success, worth, and more. It satisfies any craving you had for desiring “more” out of life by encouraging you to seek and receive more from God. The result? An extra scoop of guacamole without the guilt or up-charge 🙂

Holy Guacamole is a book every woman should own and one they can read over and over again. To purchase your copy of Holy GuacamoleCLICK HERE!

* I received this book from FrontGate Media in exchange for promotion and my honest review

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