Dreaming with God – A Bold Call to Step Out & Follow God’s Lead

By Sarah-Beth Marr

“Live your life!” “Chase your dreams!” “Own your future!”

The shouts of the world loudly proclaim that we are in control of our lives, circumstances, dreams, successes, and future. We are told that we can be anything we want to be and do anything we put our mind to but so often we fail or fall short. Or worse – we shoot for the stars and accomplish our goal only to end up feeling incomplete or unfulfilled in our achievement.

Dreaming with God – A Bold Call to Step Out & Follow God’s Lead by Sarah-Beth Marr is a refreshing book with a faith-based, biblically-rooted foundation that encourages the reader to dream with God and pursue His purpose.

Marr speaks from the unique perspective of a former professional ballerina and she beautifully choreographs the imagery of ballet in relation to a Christian’s dance with the Lord. She uses her own dreams, delays, and detours to connect the reader with their personal stories of pursuing purpose and discovering God’s best for their life. With a deep focus on biblical truth, the reader is reminded that God knows the desires of their heart because He created those desires.

Amidst times of frustration, exhaustion or disappointment, we simply need to remember that God not only wants what is best for us but He also aspires we will trust Him in the process and wait for His perfect timing. In my current season of motherhood, I strongly connected with this book because I, too, have dreams and desires that are currently on hold because I am staying home and raising children. I enjoyed Dreaming with God because it was an easy yet inspiring read that gave me both peace in my time of waiting and hope for all of the dreams that reside in my heart.

“The way you are wired points to the way you are gifted.”

Dreaming with God

Some of the key take-aways include:

  • Standing tall in your faith and purpose: The world will try to steer you off of God’s path by leading you down another road, brainwashing you into believing you are “not ______ enough” or making you too occupied or distracted to consider God’s unique purpose for your life
  • Prioritizing time with God & in His Word: We learn the most about our Designer and His purpose for us when we intentionally spend time in relationship with Him
  • Hold onto hope: We may not always obtain the dreams our hearts desire but we never will be crushed if our true hope lies in Christ
  • Embrace rest: In times of waiting, we can find rest and restoration when we focus our attention on God in the here and now and not on the frustration or disappointment of what happened or what could have been
  • Follow the leader: As a follower of Jesus, we are called to trust in the Lord, surrender our plans to Him and follow His beautiful lead down a path of faith and perseverance

Sarah concludes each chapter with key bible verses as well as several questions for personal reflection.

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to discover their purpose or find fulfillment in their current season of life.

“Place your need for fulfillment in the only One who can truly fulfill your heart.”

Dreaming with God

*I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review

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