I was first introduced to sangria as a college student studying abroad in Spain. While this is not a traditional or a classic sangria recipe (stay tuned for that recipe to release later this summer), this sangria is just as simple and delightful while also using up any citrus you may have on hand. 

Bonus: I have two variations of this citrus sangria so be sure to check out the notes at the bottom for an alternate version.

Citrus Sangria

Prep Time: Less than 10 minutes

Total Time: At least 2 hours

Makes: 10

Serving Size: About 8oz


  • 1 large pink or ruby grapefruit, scrubbed and sliced into wheels
  • 2 lemons, scrubbed and sliced into wheels
  • 3 limes, scrubbed and sliced into wheels
  • 2 bottles of good-quality sauvignon blanc, chilled
  • 1 cup of orange-flavored liquor*
  • 2 12oz cans of sparkling water* (plain, lemon, lime, grapefruit or any combo of these flavors)

Let’s do this!

1.) Start by cleaning all of the citrus fruit. I scrub and rinse each piece of fruit I use. This is especially important if you are not using organic citrus. If any of the citrus fruit feels firm to the touch, gently roll it around on the counter and press down on it. This will help to release its juices. 

2.) Slice each fruit into wheels and place in the bottom of a large pitcher. Using a wooden or a rubber spoon, “muddle” the fruit by lightly pressing into it with the spoon. The goal is to extract the juice to naturally sweeten the cocktail.

3.) Pour in the bottles of wine and the orange-flavored liquor. Stir to combine with the fruit. Refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours.

4.) When you’re ready to serve, you can either add the sparkling water to the pitcher and combine it with the sangria mixture OR you can pour the sangria into glasses and top each glass with the sparkling water. Whichever you choose, be sure to serve this cocktail over ice. Enjoy!

*Here is an alternative to this recipe that is equally delicious: 

– Omit the orange-flavored liquor and the sparkling water and substitute a bottle of prosecco. Just like if you were to use sparkling water, don’t add the prosecco to the sangria until you’re ready to serve the sangria otherwise it will go flat. You can stir the prosecco into the pitcher OR you can top each glass with prosecco. I have made this citrus sangria both ways and enjoy both variations! Let me know which version you prefer!

**I do not endorse drinking in excess (drunkenness), underage drinking nor consuming alcohol if you’re an addict or are in recovery. Know your limits. Please drink responsibly.

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