Fake or Follower: Refusing to Settle For a Shallow Faith

By Andi Andrew

Are you coasting through life? Lukewarm and content? Are you living for the here and now of this life [the temporary] or are you working towards the next [eternity]?

Do you find yourself putting on different masks to hide who you are or what you believe? Or, are you fully aware of the spiritual warfare in this world and the uphill battle that ultimately leads to sanctification?

Simply put: Are you following the world or are you following Jesus?

This is the concept behind Fake or Follower: Refusing to Settle For a Shallow Faith by Andi Andrew.

Fake or Follower is both a challenging pill to swallow for a believer in Christ as well as a compelling book that will push you out of your comfort zone and force you to examine the depths of your soul.

It was more than a splash of cold water on my face; it was like an ice-cold jug of water dumped over my body after a sports victory! The concepts addressed in this book encourage a daily surrender to Jesus by leaving the safety of the shore and wadding out to the unknown deep and unchartered waters of faith and fullness.

This temporary world we are living in is 100% about survival of the fittest with life and death as the reward or consequence. In Fake or Follower, you will find yourself examining your heart to consider:

  • Are faking your faith by putting on a show and participating in Western consumerist church culture? Or, are you living your life in complete abandon by actively walking alongside Jesus and leading others to do the same?
  • Is your identity rooted in uncovering your place in this world? Or is your identity discovered in acceptance of God’s love and design for your unique attributes and divine purpose? 
  • Are you caught in the loud chaos of the world screaming at you to tell you who you are, what to do, how to live, and what to believe? Or, are you seeking intentional solitude to think, feel, reflect, pray and receive God’s goodness, love and character?
  • Does your heart guide your life from the inside out or is your flesh directing you to live from the outside in?
  • Are you merely a hearer of the Word? Listening to faith-based podcasts, attending weekly church services, reading Christian living books, etc. without actively applying the gospel to your physical life?
  • Plus many more topical questions to personally evaluate…

This book hit me hard in a really good way. It is a book that clearly explains the difference between being a believer in God and a follower of Christ while specifically outlining what it is means to be either. Fake or Follower is the type of read that will greatly impact God’s Kingdom by growing and strengthening it here on earth.

However, this book is not an easy read because living a counter-cultural life modeled after Jesus is not easy. Still, I highly recommend Fake or Follower to anyone seeking to lose their life in order to gain so much more.

*I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review

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