We Will Not Be Silenced: Responding Courageously to Our Culture’s Assault on Christianity

By Erwin W. Lutzer

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed a lot of cultural baggage that had been hidden deep within the “closet” of American society. Amidst the mayhem, confusion, instability, isolation, mixed messaging and tragic deaths [from both the disease and the “other,” lesser discussed fatalities from suicide, substance abuse, domestic abuse and more] were the added tensions brought on by the death of George Floyd and the 2020 election. 

A common concern for those who care about the United States (as a country and a people) was, 

How did we get here?

It appeared mind-boggling for those who had been coasting through the pleasantries of Westernized living. It seemed like one moment everything was fine and normal and then the next moment everything was hateful and chaotic. 

The thing is – this cultural baggage had been packed away over the years and then pushed to the back of the “closet.” As we came to learn, ignorance really is bliss until that ignorance cannot be ignored any longer. For the U.S., the “closet” had been gradually filling up with subtleties and through cultural nuances for decades. In 2020, all that was secretly hidden all of a sudden became too much to hide. 

This explosion disrupting “normalcy” was not an accident. Rather, it was strategically orchestrated to divide, conquer, and rebuild the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave into the Territory of the Slave and the Home of the Conformed.

It’s a scary time when facts are replaced with fiction and truth is exchanged for lies. Instead of respect and reason, there is outrage and victimhood. Conviction leads to condemnation as cancel-culture threatens the voice of anyone willing to speak up. 

But take heart – We will NOT be silenced!

If you cherish Christian values, the core principles of American liberty and the wisdom that comes with a biblical worldview, then you MUST read We Will Not Be Silenced: Responding Courageously to Our Culture’s Assault on Christianity by Erwin W. Lutzer.

“If I could, I would put this book into the hands of every Christian in America.” 

Dr. David Jeremiah

Seriously, friends – this is a book you will want to read and then share with (or buy a copy for) everyone you know!

If there’s one book a follower of Christ should read in 2021, I venture to say it should be We Will Not Be Silenced. This book has the ability to serve as a one-stop-shop for all current cultural matters. Perhaps more importantly than that is the book’s honest account of how America’s values have been dismantling over the years and how the Church must wake up and strengthen what little influence it has left. There is time, albeit not much, to reclaim, refocus, and rebuild our great nation’s foundation [of faith, family and freedom]. And we must…if we desire for America to survive this fight and flourish once again.

Each chapter in We Will Not Be Silenced is intentionally organized to address a particular hot-button cultural theme while communicating a specific biblical response or call of action for Christian dissenters. 

These chapters include:

  • The strategies used to delegitimize Judeo-Christian values in order to rewrite the past and control the future 
  • The damaging cultural ideologies of “diversity” and “inclusion” that are dividing and destroying America with no productive resolution in sight
  • The growing trend of “cancelling” and/or shaming anyone who upholds a conservative or Christian worldview or any viewpoint that opposes the mainstream narrative
  • The reality of propaganda purposefully perpetuating a faux reality to confuse or redirect the public away from facts, evidence and truth
  • The sexualization of children by public school curriculum, pop culture and social media
  • The contagious, uninformative idea that capitalism is America’s disease while socialism is our country’s cure
  • The chilling partnership between secularism and radical Islam in destroying America’s foundation of faith and freedom
  • The Church’s response to America’s cultural battle and fight against spiritual warfare

I learned so much from this book and have great respect for both the author and the publisher, Harvest House, in producing and publishing the vital content displayed throughout this book. Marxism (traditionally and culturally), the LBGTQ+ agenda, the public school system, Black Lives Matter, wokeness, freedom of speech, you name it – NO TOPIC IS LEFT OFF OF THE TABLE!

Moreover, Lutzer does a satisfactory job of maintaining the heart of his message throughout his entire book: 

Lutzer to the American Church – There is hope for those in Christ Jesus; strengthen what remains!

It may seem like the United States of America has gone to hell and a handbasket but in actuality, there is time (albeit limited) to course-correct culture. That is, if the Church is willing to BE THE CHURCH by boldly proclaiming the Gospel and fearlessly sharing the Living Hope to a dying world.  

Through Christ, we can do all things (Philippians 4:13). We can look to those who have fought battles before us and can be reminded to be strong and courageous because God is always with us (Joshua 1:9). We must speak truth, without fear or shame. We must not be deceived and we must not deceive others. We must expose evil and lies without being afraid of opposition and offense. 

We must know what is good, right and true by knowing and continuously studying God’s Word. We must disciple and be discipled, actively pursuing the lost with the hope of guiding them back Home. And above all else, we must commit ourselves to carrying the cross of Christ and risk the threat of worldly persecution (Matthew 16:24-25). Jesus warned that this world would hate anyone who follows Him because the world had hated Him first (16:33). 

Stand strong, fellow believer, and always speak the truth with love regardless of the circumstance or response. And never forget – we were made for this moment.

I’ve read several “weighty” books this year but truthfully, We Will Not Be Silenced is at the very top of my must-read list of book recommendations because it is very encompassing of subject material, timely for what Americans are currently experiencing, and encouraging through its biblical reference, support and application. Like Dr. David Jeremiah said in his foreword, I also believe every American Christian should read this book! 

*I personally purchased this book. The thoughts and opinions expressed are my very own. 

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