Bedtime with Mommy 

By Nancy Sanders

The sweetness that surrounds childhood bedtime has been beautifully captured in the newly released board book, Bedtime with Mommy by Nancy Sanders. Each page in this delightfully illustrated book details the unique mother-child bond of 8 featured animals in their specific habitat to convey a unifying message – wherever you are around the world, mommies are saying, “good night,” and tucking their little ones into bed.

Bedtime routines may look differently or may even be non-existent, but the special bond between a mother and child is one-of-a-kind and lasts forever. 

It’s true, bedtime with littles can be a joyous time to unwind, connect and cuddle or it can be stressful time that seeks to be avoided at all costs. 

I prefer the former and while my family’s bedtime routine is not as consistent as I’d like it to be, I look forward to the evenings when I can cherish the treasure of tucking my babies, both big and small, into bed and cozying up to read them a soothing bedtime story.

Like, Bedtime with Mommy

This faith-based board book offers the reader comfort and cheer while encouraging physical affection, daily gratitude, nightly prayer, and the peaceful promises of God’s Word. 

Make bedtime memories with your loved ones and prioritize reading as part of your nightly routine by adding Bedtime with Mommy to your children’s book collection! Click here to make this book a part of your home library collection!

*I received this book from FrontGate Media in exchange for promotion and my honest review.

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