Mama Bear Apologetics Guide to Sexuality: Empowering Your Kids to Understand & Live Out God’s Design

By Hillary Morgan Ferrer (with Amy Davison)

Sexuality and gender ideology have been creeping into nearly every facet of culture over the last decade, but in 2021 its sneaky influence wasn’t just apparent. It was mainstream.

In 2021, the terms birthing person, menstruating person, and lactating person were used to identify a woman. Gender was deemed fluid and interchangeable – humans were told they have the ability and purported “right” to choose their own gender and transition between a seemingly infinite number of genders. “Furries” name a subculture who essentially claim to be animal characters and/or exhibit animal behaviors but with human characteristics (ex. urinating in a litter box). And Rachel Levine, a biological man turned transwoman, became the United States Assistant Secretary for Health. Must I say more?  

There’s no doubt 2021 was a wild year of more left is right, up is down, good is bad, utter nonsense and total confusion. For these reasons and more, I was so grateful to learn my go-to ministry for parenting and motherhood, Mama Bear Apologetics, would be releasing their second book geared toward all things related to sexuality.* I promptly pre-ordered Mama Bear Apologetics Guide to Sexuality and greatly anticipated its Fall 2021 arrival onto my doorstep. 

Mama Bear Apologetics Guide to Sexuality: Empowering Your Kids to Understand & Live Out God’s Design by Hillary Morgan Ferrer (with Amy Davison) is a fantastic introductory resource that assists parents (and grandparents, caregivers, etc.) in navigating culture’s damaging and complicated messages towards sexuality as well as the unscientifically based gender ideology. 

The book is strategically divided into three sections:

  • Part I: The first portion of Mama Bear Apologetics Guide to Sexuality lays the foundation for the truth and factual evidence (i.e. data, statistics, biology) that follows. Chapters focus on God’s purpose and design for sexuality [pertaining to gender – Imago Dei, marriage/covenant – Christ and the Church, physical relations – a one flesh union symbolizing the Lord’s Spirit working in us and through us, and family – servant leadership by means of discipleship], what it means to be sexually holy, and culture’s worldview towards sex.
  • Part II: This section is especially important as it exposes the explicit national sex-ed curriculum per the National Sex Education Standards (NSES). I was already familiar with this curriculum prior to reading this book, but it was appalling to read again nonetheless. It informs the reader of the six main topics covered each year through the NSES curriculum beginning from kindergarten and continuing (or building upon each year) until students reach twelve grade. Topics include sexual orientation and expression, gender identity and expression, equity and reproductive justice (which is just a fancy word for abortion rights or the popular claim, “my body my choice”), language inclusivity, social justice and intersectionality, the Genderbread Person and the redefinition of words (related to identity, expression, sex, and attraction), and the harmful message of sex positivity. 
  • Part III: This final section tackles popular controversial topics such as pornography use and exposure, same-sex attraction, gender identity, purity culture, and the burdens we all bear in carrying our individual sexual crosses. 

In keeping consistent with the Mama Bear Apologetics communication style, this book is written in a tone and vernacular that is familiar, relatable, and at times snarky and humorous. It makes for an easy read that is as enjoyable as it is informative. 

Additionally, Mama Bear Apologetics Guide to Sexuality includes its signature ROAR Like a Mother tool to assist the reader in Recognizing a specific message and theme, Offering discernment to determine what is from the world and what is of the Word, Arguing for a healthier approach, and Reinforcement through discussion, discipleship and prayer. 

There is also a PAWS for Prayer section that encourages the reader to Praise God for who He is, Admit where we have fallen short of His standard, Worship with Thanksgiving for the Things He has done, and Submit yourselves and your requests to God. Each chapter concludes with practical discussion questions that are applicable to a group setting as well as for personal contemplation and reflection.

I have read more sexuality and gender identity books over the last decade+ than I can recall off the top of my head. Each book I have read over the years has served a unique purpose with some of the books offering similar messages or information. 

Mama Bear Apologetics Guide to Sexuality is a great introduction to a plethora of topics. This book is not all encompassing but that is not its intention. Instead, it offers a safe place to ask questions (yes, even the ones you’re embarrassed to ask or afraid you’ll appear stupid for not already knowing the answers to), learn, engage, and apply.  

For that reason and many more, I highly recommend Mama Bear Apologetics Guide to Sexuality to any parent, grandparent or caregiver who is seeking to learn more about the dangers of a hyper-sexual culture and the threat this sinister ideology has on the holiness and innocence of our youth. I also recommend reading the first Mama Bear Apologetics book that covers a multitude of topics every parent should be aware of, including the numerous secular worldviews every person encounters daily or is unknowingly influenced by, how to spot them and how to fight against them. Click here for my full review!

*I personally purchased this book. All the thoughts, opinions, and endorsements are my very own. 

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