It’s hard to find children’s content that will replenish little minds with the nutrients needed to nourish their soul. That is why I am so grateful for creatives like Amy Kavelaris and her latest children’s book, Good Morning, Little One: New Mercies and Prayers to Carry You Through the Day.

Beautifully written and illustrated, this book is a companion to Kavelaris’ equally charming 2020 book, Good Night, My Darling Dear. Both books remind children that God is always present and His blessings are revealed daily throughout creation. Just like Good Night, My Darling DearGood Morning, Little One makes an excellent baby shower, birthday, or other special occasion gift (perhaps in this year’s Easter basket?)! Both books are a wonderful keepsake to cherish for years to come!

Even so, Good Morning, Little One is not just another gorgeous work done by the artist and writer. This book is packed with blessings, prayers, and scripture that reveal God’s promises through nature – God protects us, God covers us with His love, God shines light into the darkness, and God never leaves nor forsakes us. A special little bonus my children and I enjoyed is tucked within the whimsical nature and animal-themed illustrations – hidden scripture references and passages can be discovered on each page along with being featured in length on the interior front and back covers. It’s a fitting reminder that God’s work is on display every day throughout His marvelous creation even if we do not always see it. 

Kavelaris is truly gifted at showcasing the world through the eyes of a child. Children are full of wonder and at times, a bit anxious or scared. Good Morning, Little One can help children build confidence to be brave in situations that appear to be unfamiliar, unknown, or unsettling by learning God will give them exactly what they need to carry them through their day. 

By sharing biblical promises of God’s love, purpose, and protection, Good Morning, Little One provides soft hearts peace, security, and reassurance that God’s mercies are new every morning. 

Good Morning, Little One is geared towards children between the ages of 4-8, although my kids who are 2, 3, 6, 8, and 12, enjoyed this book as well. I love all of Amy Kavelaris’ work and this book is no different. I highly recommend Good Morning, Little One as a gift, keepsake, or a daily read that encourages children to discover God through everyday encounters with His wondrous creation.

Click here to purchase a copy of Good Morning, Little One and to download a FREE activity guide!

*I received this book from FrontGate Media in exchange for promotion and my honest review. 

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