The Wonder of Creation: 100 More Devotions About God & Science 

By Louie Giglio

Too often today we hear that God and science cannot co-exist. We’re told to “trust the science” without being able to explore the meaning, purpose, possibilities, or brilliance behind the wonders of the world and the glorious experiences of life. That we must choose one over the other even though it doesn’t logically make sense to separate the Creator from creation. 

Thank the Lord for Pastor Louie Giglio – he is passionate about teaching the next generation of image bearers to know, love, and appreciate both the Maker and the universe. Giglio effectively demonstrates this in The Wonder of Creation: 100 More Devotions About God & Science. This devotional is the latest addition to Giglio’s Indescribable Kids series where children discover how the power of God’s truth directly supports the brilliance of science and scientific fact. Similar to his other God and science-themed works, The Wonder of Creation is a genius way to engage children with the marvels of the world while directing children back to the original Author of Design. 

I was thrilled to learn of Louie Giglio’s newest God and science devotional because my children could not get enough of his previous books. Each book contains illustrations along with a scripture passage pertaining to a devotion’s specific subject matter. The 100 unique devotions also include guided prayers, fun activities, and intriguing scientific tidbits that will spark interest in further study while expanding a child’s knowledge of truth and fact. 

In a post-modern world that is full of subjective “truth” and emotional-based illogic, I can’t think of a better resource that can equip young minds to build a foundation of faith that compellingly connects the Creator to His creation. 

If your child is curious with questions, anxious about purpose and the meaning of life, fascinated with science, space, animals or other natural treasures, then I highly recommend The Wonder of Creation and all the other books in the Indescribable Kids series. These books will help shape how your children view the world as well as the One who made it. The devotionals are a gateway that introduce young minds to the wonderful world of science while also opening their hearts to receive the goodness and glory of God. Each book reveals that God and science can’t just co-exist, they are a necessity for existence. 

As I mentioned above, all my children (ages: 2, 3, 6, 8, and 12) LOVE these books and reading the devotions together has sparked some fascinating conversations but more importantly, has helped to grow and strengthen my children’s faith. After reading How Great is Our God years ago, my children became confident in knowing the world was made with love, care, and intention rather than by accident, mistake, or through evolution. My children have learned that creation in its entirety (animals, nature, humanity) makes sense when you know, understand, and trust the Creator and His grand design. If all children obtained that truth, I cannot imagine how different culture, society, and the future of humanity would be. 

To learn more about the Indescribable Kids series, explore STEM-themed resources, and purchase any of the books, click here

*I received these books from FrontGate Media in exchange for promotion and my honest review. 

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