Like most people, I love the holiday season [from Thanksgiving through Christmas] and all the festive cheer and biblical significance that surrounds these days of celebration. What I don’t like, however, is the pressure to perform (like having the most decadent meal and decorated table or the most Pin-spired Christmas tree that captures everyone’s awe and envy) and the consumeristic mentality of acquiring more stuff than one could ever possibly need. While eating good food, decking the halls, and shopping for the “perfect” gift for someone you love can be fun and enjoyable, elements like these and more can easily take the focus off the reasons for the seasons if we’re not intentionally anchoring our hearts in what truly matters. 

This is something I’ve considered for the last few years, and admittedly, still need to be better at, but in all honesty, it is hard to not get sucked into the merriment of all the things. From decorating the house in seasonal colors and themed décor, to listening to festive music, eating festive foods, and clothing yourself in festive attire, and everything in between, we can relish every minute so much more and on such a deeper level when we are intentionally honoring the history of Christmas. 

Make Jesus the reason for the season this Christmas with matching family pajamas from Holy Pals! Each Holy Pals pair of Christmas-themed pajamas is inspired by a true story of Christmas!

For a limited time, Holy Pals is featuring 4 artistically-crafted Christmas-themed pajama designs in sizes the whole family can enjoy!

  • Christmas Classic is designed with a classic French illustrative style and set in a gray color that symbolizes tranquility and is reminiscent of the calm the world experienced once the Savior was born.
  • Starry Night features a white Nativity scene set on a blue background that reminds the pj wearer of the peaceful night of Christ’s birth.
  • Joy to The World is a playful red pajama that details the joyfulness of baby Jesus being held in His mother’s arms as the angels praise and celebrate around them. 
  • Away in a Manager is a crisp, clean, cream-colored jammie that illustrates Jesus in a manager, the three kings, Joseph and Mary journeying from Nazareth to Bethlehem as well as adorable angels.

While Holy Pals Christmas Collection makes a wonderful, Christ-centered gift for adults, children, and families as we enter into the Christmas season, Holy Pals offers a variety of other biblically-themed pajamas that can be worn all year long! This includes pajamas inspired by the stories of Queen Esther, David and Goliath, Noah, and more as well as pajamas that celebrate Easter and Palm Sunday. 

With Holy Pals, pajamas are more than clothing to put on when it’s time for bed. Each pair of pajamas teaches children a Bible story while reminding them that God is always with them, even when they are sleeping! Just as special is the small label stitched onto the right arm of each pajama that reveals the scriptural passage that influenced the pajama’s creative design. It’s a great way to recognize and appreciate God’s Word as you go about your days and cozy nights, too. 

I discovered Holy Pals last year through an Instagram advertisement and fell in love with the company’s product, ministry, and mission to support child-focused charities. The pajamas are super cute but are also soft and made of good quality and stretchy material (my husband commented to me these are the nicest pjs he’s ever worn!). While I love my Holy Pals pajamas, I want to mention that they are snug-fitting for infants, children, and women (men’s sizing is a looser fit). I ordered “up” a size for my son and for myself – my son’s fit him perfectly, but my pair fit a little differently, presumably because of my boyish body shape.* Even so, these pjs are still wearable for me and a smaller size probably would have been too small given my height and the length of my legs and arms. 

As we enter December, may we put Christ first and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season! Draw near to Him and live out your faith from morning to night with a pair of Holy Pals pajamas. Not only will the whole family enjoy these comfortable jammies but it’s a gift (or purchase) that you’ll also feel good about! A portion of every Holy Pals order goes directly to The Littlest Lamb Orphanage in Egypt to supply children with pajamas that are crafted with purpose for a purpose – to spread the love of Christ and share the Living Hope. 

For 10% off your order, click here and use promo code CHRISTEN10. 

Click here for the chance to WIN a FREE pair of Holy Pals PJs!

*I am 5’5”, weigh about 120lbs, and depending on the brand, I wear a women’s size 4-6 or small-medium. I ordered myself a MEDIUM pair of Holy Pals pajamas and the top fit decently but was slightly “stretched-out” around the belly and short in the arm length; the bottoms were great in length but were a little baggy and rested on my hip in a low-rise fashion (which isn’t ideal for me, as a mom of five who prefers high-waisted bottoms and for my lower belly to be adequately covered!). I think I ordered my size appropriately and the fit is more due to my body shape and size rather than to sizing discrepancies. I tend to have a hard time finding the “perfect” fit in most top/bottom clothing sets 🙂

**I received the opportunity to review Holy Pals pajamas from FrontGate Media in exchange for promotion and a pair of Christmas-themed jammies. 

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