There was a lot for a kid to love growing up in the 90s, but one of my favorite things was the television and movies produced during that time. As a kid, my family bonded over watching movies together and especially enjoyed sports-themed stories or movies inspired by real people or true events. The action in a sports-themed movie was always engaging but I think what my family liked the best were the lessons learned through the characters’ hard work, discipline, resilience, and teamwork (even more so if those characters were based on real people!). So many memories of my childhood were made through the entertainment I consumed but it is the messages that led me to share these movies with my own children.

Watching the movies of my youth with my own children has certainly made me nostalgic for a simpler time; an era absent of any political correctness or underlying agenda but also a time when families would gather together to partake in a singular leisure activity. Most entertainment content produced today lacks much substance, humor, plot, lesson, or message and is far from family-friendly or suitable for a general audience. Instead, there is an overwhelm of quantity void of little-to-no quality.

I know I am not alone in my frustration and longing for the cinematic art that once made Hollywood so golden return to bringing stories to life on screen and for the joy and entertainment of all. 

The Hill is just that.

Based on the life of baseball legend Rickey Hill, The Hill is a movie depicting the ups and downs of life and the will of person to defy the limitations of what is humanly possible through the strength of God who makes anything possible. 

Aptly titled The Hill, Rickey Hill’s life was a series of hills to climb and valleys to stride [through]. From being born to a poor Baptist preacher (played by Dennis Quaid), to enduring relentless bullying due to the braces on his legs, balancing familial expectations and dreams, and building a foundation of faith, Rickey conquered adversity while pursuing his passion for baseball and ultimately becoming one of the greatest hitters the game has ever seen. 

The story of Rickey Hill is a true-life drama of perseverance, faith, and talent emerging from a childhood of hardship, physical pain, and living in the shadow of a loving yet stern father. This movie has so many fantastic takeaways and includes many life lessons valuable for adults and children alike. 

The Hill is centered around Rickey’s upbringing, Christian faith, and relationship with his father. As a preacher’s son, Rickey feels convicted to please his earthly father while still honoring his Heavenly Father and the extraordinary gifts given to him. (That part, in itself, is enough for most of us to relate to, amiright?) 

One of my favorite moments in The Hill occurs about halfway into the movie and is a conversation between young Rickey and his dad. At this point, it is apparent that baseball is more than just a talent or an interest for young Rickey. He feels it is part of God’s purpose for his life despite his father’s feelings about the sport. Rickey comes to his father and gives a powerful monologue that beautifully illustrates the opportunity we all have to serve the Lord in all ways, through whatever He calls us to pursue, or with whatever gifts, skills, placement, or platform He has provided us with. It is a powerful message for the audience to adapt – you are needed and necessary. You can do the Lord’s work in whatever field, profession, or place He leads you to go, work, or serve. 

I loved this movie so much and chances are, you will, too. You don’t have to be a baseball fan or even a Christian to enjoy this movie but if you are one or both then you will appreciate it that much more. It has great music, acting, casting, cinematography, and of course, a strong testament of faith, tenacity, and trust. The Hill will inspire you to never give up nor never let go of your dreams. For God be all the glory!

If you’re looking for a fun way to close out the summer or a way to bond with your family and spark some enlightening conversations, then be sure to check out The Hill, in theatres FRIDAY, AUGUST 25th

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