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God most often uses people to bring Him more people. (Matthew 4:19) It’s a fascinating concept but one I find to be true of my own coming to Christ. I often think about the first 19 years of my life and all of the people who I interacted with or came in contact with. There […]

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It’s an unsettling feeling, when you feel God calling you out of your comfort zone so He can wrap you in the comfort of His love and protection. In the pit of your stomach you know what you’re feeling is from God, it has to be, especially when what you’re experiencing is something you never […]

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It came on full force. Unexpected, yet anticipated. Like a tidal wave developing from afar, you think you have time to prepare for what is about to come, but choose to stay put instead. Lying on the comfort of your own beach blanket, you don’t have a care in the world because life is good. […]

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Confident. Inspired. Free. Like a weight has been lifted, my eyes are opened, and layers of insecurity have shed off my body. Strong, brave and focused. I can take on the world and nothing is holding me back. Well-watered, refreshed and alert. I am in tune to the Spirit’s voice within me and am following […]

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I anticipated this moment for months. Filled to the brim with a healthy blend of nerves and excitement, I was uncertain of what lied ahead but knew it was going to be good. I had complete confidence because of my faith in God and the wisdom I soaked up during my sanctification in the desert. […]

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Saying “yes” to God without knowing His agenda or examining His itinerary exhibits true trust and obedience. That little word, “yes,” can lead to big opportunities and beautiful blessings, but it doesn’t save you from experiencing trials and tribulation, lingering anxiety, or deep frustration. Obedience is submitting to God’s authority while trusting in His Word. […]

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