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This wasn’t part of my plan. This isn’t supposed to be my job or my responsibility. I am not qualified for this. I am not capable. I am barely able. I feel like I am hanging on by a thread. Pressed, squeezed, crushed. Every little bit of energy, focus, and motivation is being poured out […]

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Mastering the art of intentionality is truly a virtue to attain. It creates structure, routine, and order in one’s life while establishing purpose and outlining priorities. But how does a person pursue being intentional in their life when their life has all of a sudden become very unintentional?   I don’t think anyone fully anticipated […]

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The honest conversations are the hardest ones to have because they uncover the things we try to hide. Like the things we don’t want to consider, the things we wish to forget, the things we cannot see or the things we don’t even know exist. Honest conversations are never fun or easy and they take […]


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