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Hands down, basil is my favorite herb. I love the versatility of basil – it instantly freshens up any salad, soup, or pasta, it can elevate a homemade sauce, it pairs well with cheese or fruit, and can add depth and revitalization to a summery beverage. This summer my family’s garden yielded a bounty of […]

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I have five kids which means there is always someone to play with or something to do at my house! Neighborhood kids or other friends are regularly frequenting my home and I often feel like I’m in need of a light, easy and refreshing mocktail to reel them in and quench their thirsts as I […]

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Who doesn’t love a classic Shirley Temple? I have fond memories as a child growing up in the ‘90s sipping Shirley Temple’s and playing PacMan at a local hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint. It was the only place my parents would “splurge” and let my siblings and I imbibe on this old-school mocktail, presumably because the sweet […]


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