“Wow, you really come alive talking about this!” my new friend exclaimed. It was the type of response I hadn’t heard before and one that affirmed the spark within me. A spark that has been in my heart for as long as I can remember.

I’m not sure of the exact moment that it struck a flash within me, but I know over time it has ignited into a flame that sets my soul on fire.

It’s that burning passion from within. It’s that feeling that you were born for a specific purpose and for a time like this. You’re just waiting for the moment your fire can release its strength and bring light into the world.

What are you passionate about? What makes you “come alive”? Has anyone ever recognized your purpose or challenged you to seek whatever it is that lights a spark within you?

It’s been months since my friend encouraged me with those words stated above, but they have stayed with me and I can’t seem to let them go. Her words echo in the hollow place where my dreams lie deep in the pit of my soul. Those dreams have rested peacefully for the last decade+, but the uplifting words of my friend have awaken them and have created quite a stir.

I have muted these dreams for years believing they were nothing more than simply dreams. They are the kind of dreams as an 8-10 year old girl that I’d doodle or write about in a notebook. The types of dreams that are developed in a world of childlike wonder where everything seems possible if you can only believe and shoot for the stars.

In reality, those dreams end up getting caught in a dream catcher, are shut down by improbability or someone’s negative comment, or they disappear as quickly as they were developed.

Depending on your personality, you will either take the position of hopeful or hopeless. Regardless, you move on, whether you want to or not, because the world is moving on with or without you.

But the thing is, those passions don’t go away. They may fizzle for a time but they don’t leave your soul. They can’t. They are a part of you.

You were made for those dreams and those dreams were made for you. They are born from your unique and specific talents, gifts and passions. They have come into your life for a time like this.

Personal reflection of my own passions has led me to believe that the enemy wants to rob us of our dreams in order to derail us from living out our God-designed purpose. Maybe that’s true, or maybe that’s just hogwash my mind is spewing, but either way, your dreams have the potential to become your reality if you offer them up to the Lord.

“Be enthusiastic to serve the Lord, keeping your passion toward Him boiling hot! Radiate with the glow of the Holy Spirit and let Him fill you with excitement as you serve Him.Let this hope burst forth within you, releasing a continual joy. Don’t give up in a time of trouble, but commune with God at all times.”

Romans 12:11-12 (TPT)

I don’t know what sets your soul on fire but I certainly know what is lighting up mine. I can daydream my life away, bottle my passions up and forget about them, or I can present them to the Lord. I am choosing the latter. Likewise, I am choosing to trust God to make His presence known so He can guide me in His purpose for the dreams in my heart.

I encourage you to do the same. Converse with your Maker – after all, He knows you better than you know yourself (that includes things that are both good and bad for you). Have faith in the Lord’s timing – it is perfect and always on schedule.

He has big things planned for your life, my friend. Things that are bigger than anything you could ever dream of on your own.

Your time is coming. It may be now or it may be later, but one thing is for sure – you were made for a time like this.

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