“I can’t.”

The false belief of having the power to do anything colliding with the realization of being able to do nothing.  

I prohibit these two small words from my children’s vocabulary and yet, I’ve uttered them more times [since Covid hit] than I care to admit. 

I’m a mom of five young children spanning from 1 to 11 years old. Life for me was busy before the plandemic but somehow the organized chaos that was my family’s norm has been morphed into merely chaos. During the [early months of the] Covid-19 pandemic I was pushed, pulled, and stretched to my physical, mental, and emotional limit. Being a mom, wife, cook, chauffeur, writer, amongst other things was a weight I could carry, but trying to juggle homeschooling three children while nursing an infant and making sure my toddler doesn’t fall off the kitchen cabinets she is scaling became just. too. much. 

Over a year later and I have nothing left. In my own strength and ability, I simply cannot carry this load anymore. 

I don’t know the challenges you are facing right now but chances are good you feel the same way.

The world appeared to have paused early on during the pandemic but now it is quite literally spiraling out of control. As moms, we’re being pulled in a million different directions with the weight of the world bearing down heavier and heavier as each day passes on. Our roles, responsibilities and obligations still exist, but so, too, do the constant threats of hate, division, confusion, political tension, injustice, terrorism, and more. 

The duties and privileges that come with “momming” have seemed to stack up, building higher, stronger and feeling like a ton of bricks crashing down on top of a house of cards. 

Moms, in our own strength we are weak while our loads are heavy. 

How can we possibly carry the burdens of those we love (Galatians 6:2) when we are buried beneath the weight of our own?

The Way OUT is IN

We may want “out” from the situations we are experiencing but God calls us “in” – INto Him. When we draw near to God, He will draw near to us (James 4:8), reminding us we are not alone while providing us with the strength we need to conquer whatever life may throw our way (Philippians 4:13). 

When we seek the Lord first, we are being intentional to prioritize what is the most important. For the Christian, this means spending dedicated time in God’s Word, actively praying and continually reflecting. Depending on your situation, quiet time may be unrealistic right now but take heart, there are many ways to connect to the Creator before you connect with the created. Consider Christian podcasts, online sermons, audio Bible commentaries, and digital Bible studies from apps like the First5 app and YouVersion.

Enough is ENOUGH

God knows there are circumstances we may not be able to handle right now that He wants us to hand over to Him. Waving our white flags and laying down our weaknesses allows God to show off His power and display His glory and strength (2 Corinthians 12:9-11). Whether it’s sin we are tethered to, control we refuse to surrender, emotions we need to uncover, or fear we need to release, God is ready to rescue those who seek Him during times of trouble (Psalm 50:15).

Brake Before You Break

It doesn’t matter if you’re an essential worker working all hours of the day, a parent or caregiver trying to juggle homeschooling along with homelife, a job and/or other commitments, or someone who has received more time throughout their day or a flexible weekly schedule, this plandemic has had draining effects on an individual’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. 

Boy, do I feel it.

Do yourself a favor and take a time-out. Depending on your situation, that could look like taking a long nap or receiving a 8-hour block of sleep, turning off the television or unplugging from technology so you can enjoy the fresh air of God’s creation, or perhaps waking up early to savor a hot mug of your favorite morning beverage along with some peace and quiet. Rest comes in various formats and we all need it, especially now. 

“Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28 (CSB)

Don’t Forget to Eat Your Fruit!

We are only as good as the goodness that fills us. In this season, that is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before, we must be intentional with our time and the things that fill our minds. We need to be “fed” first before we feed others otherwise we will succumb to junk. We all know junk food may taste good going down, but it doesn’t keep us full for long or make us healthy in the long run. 

Tuning “in” to the Spirit and being fed with sustaining fruit (Galatians 5:22-23) will provide the spiritual nutrition we need to not just survive in this world but thrive outside of it.

It’s the soul food our bodies crave, especially during times of depletion, and it will fill us up so we are able to pour ourselves out to those who need us the most. 

.           .           .

Our wants, needs and desires aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, neither are the responsibilities we have nor the roles we pursue. Life has a new normal and it is both unpredictable and hard to navigate. We don’t know how much longer this madness will last or if the old “normalcy” will ever return. With the future in the hands of the One who wrote it, there is no better present than the present.

The time is now to let go and let God. 

When you’re feeling like you just can’t anymore, don’t give up, look up. Lift up your prayers and present your requests to the Lord. He will remove your anxieties while guarding your heart and mind in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:6-7).

Release your burdens and the emotions that are weighing you down (1 Peter 5:7). Open your heart to receive perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3). 

When you want to lose hope, lose yourself instead (Galatians 6:8). 

And always, trust in the Lord and let Him guide the way (Proverbs 3:5-6). 

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