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After witnessing statewide shut-downs and mask mandates miraculously disappear during the Summer of 2020 (you know, for those who chose to riot, loot, and burn down cities in response to the death of George Floyd), I became intentional in seeking out news-centered podcasts that were fearlessly committed to reporting the news rather than feeding the narratives. 

During the pandemic, I listened to a variety of shows from The Daily Wire as well as the shows of some of my favorite commentators like Dennis Prager, Glenn Beck, Candace Owens, Clay Travis, and Megyn Kelly. These news-informative shows ended up being quite vital in educating me about all of the many things occurring throughout the United States and the world during the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 election, and other events that followed.

While podcasts are my main source of receiving the daily happenings from around the world and the U.S., I prefer news filtered through the lens of a biblical worldview. My go-to podcast for both current events and cultural discussions from a Christian perspective has been the Relatable podcast with Allie Beth Stuckey. In fact, I’ve never missed an episode of her show since I discovered it in 2020. I love Relatable, but one show produced through my shared worldview wasn’t enough for me. So I kept my ears open for a similar news source and eventually heard Charlie Kirk. 

The Charlie Kirk Show, like Relatable, is one of my never-miss-an-episode, podcast subscription faves. While I appreciate both Charlie and Allie’s political commentary and Christian perspective, I also value the uniqueness of their “brands” and the different elements they bring to the table.  

I was drawn to Charlie Kirk upon learning about his student movement, Turning Point USA (TPUSA). I was unable familiar with Turning Point USA up until Summer 2021 when I read Isabel Brown’s book, Frontlines – an account of her experience as a conservative Christian college student; Isabel led a Turning Point USA chapter on the campus of Colorado State University. I was fascinated by her story and intrigued by the national student organization that empowers young people to promote the principles of free markets and limited government. Naturally, as I learned about TPUSA I also learned about its founder and president, Charlie Kirk. 

From the very first episode I listened to of The Charlie Kirk Show I couldn’t get enough of his direct messaging and style of delivery. He comes across as honest, humble, and wise, well beyond his 28 years. He is an outspoken Christian, a business leader, a lifelong learner, a courageous voice for the conservative community, and a trailblazer for young patriots. He is knowledgeable, though never attended college or university, recognizes his intellectual capability and capacity and is not afraid to admit his bias or lack of expertise on a specific subject. 

Charlie Kirk is fearless, both in his faith convictions and political commentary. He doesn’t shy away from reality, boldly proclaims truth, and is committed to shining light in a world that seems to be getting darker each day.

The Charlie Kirk Show releases two episodes per day that average around 30 minutes (one episode usually drops in the morning and another in the afternoon). Additionally, there is a longer episode featured on Sundays that tends to be a pre-recorded speech given at a church or centered on Christianity and/or culture. 

When listening to The Charlie Kirk Show you can expect to hear the most up-to-date current events, primarily occurring in the United States (because there is sooooo much going on to report and discuss!) but also from around the world when applicable or newsworthy. Charlie provides the main commentary while incorporating productive interviews and engaging interaction with his guests. Moreover, Charlie doesn’t back down from asking challenging questions nor addressing controversial topics, and welcomes all opinions, rebuttals, and worldviews to join in the conversation. 

Topics vary throughout each episode, but each episode focuses on a common theme which could be anything from the right to life to freedom of speech, American History to cultural Marxism, climate change to foreign policy, Covid craziness and vaccines, and anything in between. 

You can find The Charlie Kirk Show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Spotify, and YouTube. 

To learn more about Charlie KirkThe Charlie Kirk Show, and Turning Point USA, click on each area of interest and you’ll be directed to the website.

The Short List

Audience: Conservatives, patriots, anyone seeking truth in a world of lies

What to Expect: Commentary on current events, insightful interviews, and engaging conversations filtered through the lens of a conservative Christian

Episode Run Time: 30+ minutes (average)

Episode Release: 2x daily 

*Prior to reviewing any podcast, I commit to listening to a minimum of 3 full episodes.

**The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own. 

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