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Do you ever find yourself traveling down the digital “rabbit hole” of endless content? You follow someone on social media or hear them on a podcast and then it leads you to discover new individuals, organizations, books, music, etc.? It’s almost like a whole other world has been existing without you ever knowing it existed. Once you discover it, your eyes are opened and you want to explore everything you encounter.

That was me when it came to Alisa Childers. 

I didn’t grow up listening to Christian music, so I was unfamiliar with Alisa Childers and her early 2000s Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) group, ZOEgirl, until about a year ago. 

I was first introduced to her while she was being interviewed by Allie Beth Stuckey on the Relatable podcast. Childers was sharing her experience with the rising progressive Christianity movement while plugging the release of her 2020 book, Another Gospel. I believe it was this specific Relatable episode that first introduced me to the concept of progressive Christianity. I was intrigued by all Childers was disclosing and exposing and wanted to learn more. 

After hearing that Relatable episode, I promptly ordered Childer’s book, Another Gospel, and began subscribing and listening to her podcast, The Alisa Childers Podcast.

The Alisa Childers Podcast has since become one of my top listened to podcast shows and I rarely miss an episode. 

Each episode includes honest discussion and genuine dialogue about culture and its influence on the universal Church and American Christianity. 

Childers was driven by her “faith deconstruction” experience (see Another Gospel) to pursue in-depth studying of both apologetics and theology. The main focus of her podcast is apologetics and theology while providing a safe place for the listener to wrestle with their own doubt and uncertainty. 

Childers is skilled at discussing hard topics and controversial subjects without expressing judgment or condemnation. She consumes the Fruit of the Spirit throughout each episode and allows its goodness to nourish her soul and guide the episode’s dialogue. Her tone is patient, kind, gentle and full of grace. She is also very humble in her approach, welcoming and respectful of her guests, is a gifted listener, and a wise interviewer who is knowledgeable in asking constructive follow-up questions while navigating a steady flow of comfortably consistent (i.e. natural) conversation. 

Because of The Alisa Childers Podcast, I have learned about books and authors I may have not known otherwise (hence, that digital “rabbit hole” I mentioned earlier) such as Erwin Lutzer, David Young, Rod Dreher, and Monique Duson. Likewise, Childers does not shy away from contentious concepts seen in Christian culture or the Church but rather offers discourse and discernment. I found her research and perspective to be quite valuable in the episodes where she tackles New Age’s influence on American Christianity, specifically seen through the rise of witchcraft, the popularity of the Enneagram, and the idolization of self. 

I believe The Alisa Childers Podcast is well worth a listen, if not for the topics she covers then for her perspective as a former CCM artist who successfully “deconstructed” her faith and reassembled it back to orthodoxy. 

You can hear The Alisa Childers Podcast on Apple Podcasts or watch the episodes on YouTube. For more information about Alisa Childers, check her website.

The Short List

Audience: Orthodox Christians and those seeking depth in their faith

What to Expect: Discussions and interviews pertaining to apologetics, theology, culture and worship

Episode Run Time: 60+ minutes 

Episode Release: Weekly

*Prior to reviewing any podcast, I commit to listening to a minimum of 3 full episodes.

**The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own. 

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