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The Charlie Kirk Show  After witnessing statewide shut-downs and mask mandates miraculously disappear during the Summer of 2020 (you know, for those who chose to riot, loot, and burn down cities in response to the death of George Floyd), I became intentional in seeking out news-centered podcasts that were fearlessly committed to reporting the news […]

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The Alisa Childers Podcast Do you ever find yourself traveling down the digital “rabbit hole” of endless content? You follow someone on social media or hear them on a podcast and then it leads you to discover new individuals, organizations, books, music, etc.? It’s almost like a whole other world has been existing without you ever […]

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Jordan Feliz Say It I am not going to hide my bias – I am a big fan of Jordan Feliz’s music. I gravitate towards upbeat music, especially music that is easily danceable. It is no wonder my ears perked up when I first heard Jordan Feliz’s, The River, playing on the radio several years ago.  […]

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Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey I first came across Allie Beth Stuckey when she was a guest on The Candance Owens Show podcast. At the time, I had no prior knowledge of who she was or what she did. Upon hearing her interview with Candace Owens, I had a few opinions…  She is quite opinionated She knows […]

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