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From visiting local orchards for U-Pick apple fun to exploring the variety of uses to cook, bake and eat apples, to burning apple-scented candles and everything in between, the apple is a seasonal fall staple as well as one of my favorite fall flavors to enjoy during my favorite time of the year. If you’re […]

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Growing up, my family would travel out to West Michigan’s countryside each summer to visit a U-pick blueberry farm. I always loved munching on blueberries and competing with my siblings to see who could pick the most. It wasn’t until I was a grown adult that I learned my family’s annual tradition was actually rooted […]

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My family has a small obsession with M&Ms. Plain, peanut, peanut butter, almond, brownie batter, crispy, pretzel…give us all of the M&Ms! We don’t discriminate! Moreover, we buy every seasonal pack that releases and aren’t afraid to try limited flavor variations either. Sure, we eat them as sweet treat on their own (I often store […]

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